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There are a variety of pests here in Alabama that can cause damage to your lawn or just be an all-around nuisance. In our neck of the woods, the top two most bothersome pests are the fire ant and mole cricket.

Whether you do your own lawn maintenance or hire someone to make your yard beautiful, you won’t be able to enjoy it properly if you have a pest problem. If you notice a pest problem then you should call the professionals at Lucky Lawn Service.

Fire Ants

Fire ants are an aggressive invasive species that has rooted itself in the culture of the south. They build large ugly mounds that can ruin your yard and are extremely temperamental. Usually leaving them alone is the best advice but when they put down stakes in your yard it becomes a major issue.

Fire ants aren’t like other pests you’ll encounter in your yard. In large numbers, these tiny creatures can pose a serious threat to children and unwary pets. If you notice a large fire ant mound in your yard DO NOT go near it. Keep your children and pets indoors and call Lucky Lawn Service immediately.

At Lucky Lawn Service we can help rid you of these fiery pests so you and your family can enjoy your yard once again.

We use Top Choice from the Bayer Corporation as an effective insecticide to control fire ants up to one year.

Close up of a fire ant on a blade of grass
A mole cricket digging in a lawn

Mole Cricket

Mole crickets are bizarre, alien-like pests that were introduced to us from South America. Since their introduction to the United States, they have become the most destructive lawn pest in the South. They look similar to larger crickets but with huge digging claws similar to a mole. These creatures aren’t just terrifying, they can also cause terrifying damage to your lawn.

They tend to live just below the soil surface feeding on roots, tubers, and other insects they come across. They can cause particular damage to pastures, crops, grass, and gardens. As they hunt for food they tunnel, much like a mole does. This tunneling can cause a great deal of damage to plants, especially Bermudagrass.

They have been found to be more common in lawns with thick layers of thatch that builds up from years of grass clippings and other organic materials. Mole Crickets will overwinter as nymphs in this ideal habitat and then in the spring they will emerge as adults to feed and breed, laying their eggs just below the surface of the soil.

A large number of hungry mole crickets can do noticeable damage to your yard. Sponginess in the grass and thinning turf are signs you have a mole cricket problem.

Call The Experts

At Lucky Lawn Service we know exactly how to deal with these creepy pests. With Top Choice insecticides from Bayer, we can keep mole crickets and fire ants off your property. We can also treat grub and armyworms as needed.

When you team up with Lucky Lawn Service you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your yard is in professional hands. Call today and let’s get to work achieving your lawn care goals.

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