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Lucky Lawn Service has been providing innovative and affordable lawn care services in Southeast Alabama since 1984. Over that time we have worked and forged lasting relationships with homeowners and business owners throughout the area. We combine our 35 years of lawn care experience with the latest and greatest quality products to create unique and effective approaches for your property’s needs.

At Lucky Lawn Service we designed a full-scale lawn service to ensure our customers have everything they need to achieve the yard of their dreams. Check out our comprehensive list of services to get started on reaching your lawn care goals.

Services We Offer:

Lawn Care

Insect Control

Additional Services

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Lawn Service

At Lucky Lawn Service we focus on the Four main types of turfgrass used as lawns here in Alabama:

  • Centipede
  • Bermuda
  • St. Augustine
  • Zoysia

Because each type of grass is unique and has different tolerances to climate, soil, pests, and drought, each of our programs are specifically designed for the type of grass you have.

Each program is a 6 application program that lasts throughout the growing season. Keeping a well-maintained yard is key to keeping out weeds, eliminating pests, and promoting healthy growth.During our visits, your grass will receive:

A Balanced Fertilizer: Designed to encourage vigorous growth throughout the growing seasons.

Broadleaf and Pre-emergent Control: To kill existing weeds and prevent them from germinating.

Insect Control

Pests also play a role in the health of your lawn. Too many insects can have a devasting effect on any yard. The two most damaging insects to Alabama yards are:

The Mole Cricket: These scary-looking bugs burrow under your lawn feeding on insects and roots. The digging can damage grass and cause it to turn brown and eventually die.

Fire Ants: A major problem here in southern Alabama are fire ants. These swarming ants are dangerous insects that can quickly overtake a yard and force you to stay off your grass. These painful pests can build huge, unsightly mounds that can kill your grass.

At Lucky Lawn Service we fight on your side and will help you take your yard back from the hordes of marauding insects.


A mole cricket digging in a lawn
A happy couple standing on the front lawn on their home

Additional Services

Core Aeration: If your lawn is looking thin and tired it could be due to compacted soil. When the soil is too compacted it can prevent water, air, and even our fertilizers from getting to your grass roots. With core aeration, we can alleviate compaction problems by pulling tiny cores of soil out of your yard and loosening up the soil.

Nutgrass and Bahia grass Control: Invasive weeds can stress your lawn as it competes for sunlight, nutrients, water, and space. Nutgrass and Bahia grass are the most annoying of the invasive weeds. They can crowd out your turfgrass and quickly spread throughout your yard. The secret to keeping a weedless lawn is to keep it healthy and strong so those invasive weeds never get a chance to take root.

When you team up with Lucky Lawn Service you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your yard is in professional hands. Call today and let’s get to work achieving your lawn care goals.

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